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Anti-Bullying Elementary School Assembly Programs-Types of Bullying & How Schools Can Help

Anti-Bullying Elementary School Assembly Programs-Types of Bullying & How Schools Can Help

With over 42% of the kids being bullied while in school and a further 35% reporting to have been bullied online, it becomes necessary to understand the various types of bullying taking place all over our elementary schools in order to come up with the best anti-bullying elementary school assembly programs suitable for fighting them. Bullying is quite dynamic and it evolves with each and every day but presently, the following are the most pronounced forms of bullying in the elementary schools.


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Pack Bullying

This happens when a group of bullies target a single student within the school hallways, yards, playgrounds etc. Recent statistics by the Wesley Report puts this form of bullying as the most prominent as well as one with the most devastating effects on the victims. This is because it happens in the open and as a result, a large number of pupils get to see the victim making it hard for them to continue with their normal lives at schools.

Individual bullying

This happens on a one on one basis where a bully either bullies their victims physically or emotionally. It can happen online or offline and according to the Wesley Report released in 2013, it is also one of the most prevalent types of bullying taking place in the elementary schools.

Physical Bullying

This takes place in the form of physical abuse such as beatings, shoving, tripping, hitting, spitting etc. It also includes threats to harm an individual physically or trying to manipulate them to do certain activities by force and against their will or wishes.

Emotional Bullying

Emotional bullying can have far reaching consequences on the lives of the victims and this is why most of the  anti-bullying programs target it a lot. It involves the use of insults, abuses, teasing, name calling, derogatory remarks to make the victim feel less inadequate and lower their self esteem.

Cyber Bullying

This is the recent entrant into the bullying arena and most of the school assembly programs in america try their best to offer a lot of lessons on this type of bullying. It is very dynamic in nature and it can go on for a long period of time without detection hence the increased effort in raising awareness in this type of bullying.

How anti-bullying elementary school assembly programs can help

One of the best ways to curb bullying in elementary schools is to use relevant and well-designed anti bullying school assemblies. Such a program should be presented in a simple but effect manner that the children will find valuable and entertaining at the same time. Additionally, it should incorporate student participation so that they feel part and parcel of the lesson because in this manner, the kids will gain a deeper understanding of every lesson taught. Domino the Great, a school presenter in New York has unique programs that are guaranteed to deliver the intended anti bullying messages to the children. 

Anti-Bullying Elementary School Assembly Programs-Buddies Not Bullies-Anti Bullying Elementary School Assemblies

One such program is "Buddies Not Bullies"  Anti-Bullying Elementary School Assembly Programs which teaches the children on the importance of being friends and shunning away anything that can make them hurt one another. It is suitable program that school administrations should be thinking about now that the Spring/Fall school year is just starting.

Anti-bullying Elementary School Assembly Programs-Buddies Not Bullies Video Review


September 3, 2014