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Best Elementary School Assembly Programs by Domino The Great

Best Elementary School Assembly Programs by Domino The Great

Dear School Representative:

Are you trying to find amazing assembly programs that will influence your students as well as thrill the team? You have actually landed at the best place if so.

Domino The Great is an inspirational and also motivational school assembly presenter that provides elementary schools around the United States excellent programs that influence students in an enjoyable, unique and fun way. Domino is now in his 12th year of offering elementary school assembly programs and school shows. Now you could bring him to your school and also take part of the enjoyment too.




Children love magic! These tricks are utilized in a range of methods to keep the focus and also catch the attention of your students all throughout the show. Also, each magic trick, has a unique way tying in the message and teaching your students about the lesson plan being taught.


Every student will certainly be chuckling non-stop from the moment the program begins to the actual end. Considering that each program is kid tested and teacher approved. There is no need to be concerned for what exactly your students will be exposed to.


Having children be part of the show is a sure-fire way to guarantee success!  Everyone aids to make the "magic" happen all throughout the show as well as several lucky students get to come up on stage and participate directly in the program. Your students will certainly love this part of the show!


Popular positive, upbeat songs, and a whole lot more make the programs enjoyable as well as interesting to view.  All your students will be on the edge of their seats to see what will happen next.
  • 45 Minutes to 1 hour, Of Astonishing Enjoyable & Education and learning
  • Full Command Of The Entire Audience
  • Non-Stop Giggling From Your Students
  • Targeted To Specific Grade Levels
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Block Blocking Discounts (when you team up with 1 or more local schools)
  • A Second Program Free of charge (depending on school size

Buddies Not Bullies:

Throughout this unique anti-bullying school assembly programs, Domino will certainly take your students on a trip to uncover the "magic" which is inside all of us. By offering a positive message, your pupils will certainly comprehend the significance of dealing with every individual with Respect and also how to work together using Teamwork. According to hundreds of elementary schools, Domino The Great's message works and the students retain the information. No wonder why this is his number 1 selling school assembly program!


Read To Succeed

Trying to get children excited and motivate them about reading books these days is a very difficult task.  With the growing distractions of video games, television, internet/apps, children often lack the desire to open up a good book and spend that time reading.  Domino's reading elementary school assembly programs are designed to get children motivated and excited about reading.  After his assembly you will notice an increase in circulation at your library and a new enjoyment for reading.


When looking for elementary school assembly programs, Domino The Great vows to provide distinctive, fun and one-of-a-knd school programs that your students will never forget!  Make sure to give his office a call today as he does book well in-advance and is always on the road traveling state to state with this touring schedule.  You can reach Domino Toll Free at:  877-322-1566 or fill out his contact page on his website!

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February 18, 2015