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Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Boston MA

Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Boston MA

With performing well over 2,000 kids birthday parties, I guess you could say that I have gained some experience and knowledge as a birthday party magician. I decided to put together some of the best birthday party ideas in Boston MA for busy parents to make their child’s birthday party planning stress free.


Boston Birthday Party Ideas # 1

What to offer for meals? Easy to take care of meals such as frankfurters or the children love, pizza! You can just have it delivered and served on paper plates and no dishes to worry about.   Apple juice is still popular with the kids for drinks.

If your having an outside party, an great idea is to make banana sundaes or have children to develop their very own. You can also allow the kids to go through the sprinkler or hose them down afterwards if they get messy. This goes without saying, if your having an outdoor party, always make sure you have a backup plan, in case of bad weather.

Birthday Party Ideas # 2

Tie an arrangement of balloons around your mail box or front of your property. A great deal of moms and dads currently do this, and makes it easier to find the your party, especially if your having an entertainer/magician this will make it very easy for everyone to find your home.

Also, allow the birthday child to pick the color/style of the balloons when you do this. Anything you do involving the birthday child will further engaged them and make them feel special in party planning process (which also helps their self-confidence & self esteem out too).

Boston Birthday Party Ideas #3

For presents, you might want to use a large cardboard box to put all the presents in. Again, you can have the birthday child involved by helping you decorate the box with bright wrapping paper, creative crafts or construction paper. You can check out my Pinterest board for more cool ideas on this as well.

Boston MA Birthday Party Ideas #4

Keep all pets, (cats, dogs, etc.) separate from the party area and away from the kids. All it takes is just one little accident or a trigger for one of the pets to injury one of the children and ruin the party.

Boston Birthday Party Ideas #5

Are you having any entertainment? Hiring an children’s entertainer for your kid's party can really make it an unforgettable experience. How do you know you found the right entertainer or magician? Here are a few key tips you need to know that you made the right choice.  You want to make sure they have a professional website and it's not a free one. If they can’t invest in their business with a professional website, then chances are they are not going to invest in their show.  Of course you want to make sure there are testimonials on their website and all over their different social media accounts.  As this will separate the full time pro’s from the part-time hobbyist.

Boston Birthday Party Ideas #6

If you having a children’s party then you have to incorporate some fun games to keep the kids busy. Here are some cool children party games ideas:

  • Balloon relay race - dress up all the children with big clothing and stuff their clothes with balloons. Then have a silly relay race and get ready for lots of laughter and some balloon might pop, lol.
  • Egg and spoon race - Have a race with the kids with an hard boiled egg on a spoon and see who crosses the finish line without the egg falling off the spoon.
  • Simon Says - This favorite birthday party game and kids activity that will have your kids practicing their listening skills and laughing like crazy (even the parents too) as they try to remember what simon really said.

Birthday Party Ideas #7

A very popular question I’m always asked is what order should I plan the activities for the party? In the 2,000 birthday party magic shows I have performed at, the best order is always to have the entertainment or magician go first (if possible). Because the kids will be very excited and to keep the hype going and keep all those children engaged until the magic show starts, and prolonging this is usually not a good thing. Then after the magic show, parents like to feed the kids, followed by games or then to cake (singing happy birthday) and your just about done!  Note*  It’s always best to have the cake/ice cream at the very end to have the “sugar high” when its all time for the children to go home, lol.

Boston Birthday Party Ideas #8

Don’t forget to send out thank you cards or notes to all your guests. Here’s a great kids birthday party idea in Boston, I picked up from a party and you have a picture taken with the birthday child and each of their friend. You can then go to Walmart and get double prints and include a snapshot of the birthday child and each guest with the thank you note. This is another opportunity where you can have the birthday child help make the thank you cards/notes or sign them. This will be a wonderful learning experience form an early age to show the importance of thank you notes and of course all of your guest's parents will love your child too!


Final Birthday Party Ideas #9

Lastly, you want to make sure to give your son/daughter the biggest hug and tell them thank you for all their help they did for being such a great helper with the party and how much you love them! As their birthday only comes once a year and the birthday child will never forget this day!

Tip for Parents:

Don’t for get to think about yourself later that evening. When your child’s party is over, plan a evening for yourself. You can order some delivery or have some pre-cooked dinner with your favorite drink and rent a movie to watch. So when the kids are all tucked in bed, you can have a quiet evening relaxing and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning up once again.  I hope you enjoyed these series of best birthday party ideas in Boston MA to help make your child's next birthday party truly memorable!

For more information on how to get the best kids party entertainment in Boston, then give me, Domino The Great a call today at 401-474-7027 as I book up months in advance.  


December 23, 2014