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Fun Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs by New Jersey Magician

Fun Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs by New Jersey Magician

One of the biggest issues facing elementary schools New Jersey in today’s world is bullying. Bullying can include name calling, taunting and exclusion among many other things. Unfortunately, thanks to social media, bullying doesn’t stay in the school any longer. Now students are subjected to the harassment everywhere that they go; there is no escape from it.


Although there are currently not very many studies being conducted regarding the number of kids that are affected by bullying, it has been estimated that at least 15% of students are involved with bullying in some form or another; whether they are the bully or the victim. This statistic is alarming and the chances are that the numbers are even greater than this factor.

Schools are beginning to crack down on bullying and anti-bullying school assembly programs are being put in place to educate students and their parents about the dangers of bullying and how much it can affect those who are being bullied. Most elementary schools in New Jersey now have a strong anti-bullying policy in place and take accusations very seriously.

One of the most important factors is recognizing when there is a problem. Parents and school administrators need to be on the lookout for the signs of bullying and have a plan in place when they see a need arise.

Acting quickly when a report comes in is an important step for administrators to take and it is vital that they begin investigating issues quickly. This will allow students to see that the school truly cares about their well-being and that they will not tolerate instances of bullying occurring at the school or beyond its borders to any of the students.

When there are signs of bullying in a school, action is the most important thing that can happen. Parents need to be proactive in dealing with bullying when it occurs and involve school officials quickly, before things get out of hand.

It is also important for schools in New Jersey to have strict social media policies when involving the students. Since this is the place that most of the bullying takes place, parents should also monitor the activity of their child’s social media pages so that they will be able to know exactly what is happening in the life of their child.

However, it is also important that a focus be placed upon the importance of eliminating bullying in schools as well. Because of this, schools have begun to have special anti-bullying school assembly programs in New Jersey to help teach kids how to better engage with each other on a social level. One way that elementary schools have found that is extremely helpful is adding a New Jersey magician to their anti-bullying school assembly.

A magician that is specialized in working with children will have a natural way of getting on the kids’ level so that they can learn an important lesson about how they should treat one another. For this reason, Domino The Great has incorporated a special aspect into his performances that helps to teach children more about bullying and encourages them to stray away from it.

He has been a popular addition at many of the New Jersey elementary schools and will be able to create a fantastic performance at your school as well. With his level of expertise, a school can be certain that they are selecting a magician that the children will listen to and that will be able to engage students in a positive manner.

Domino has dedicated much of his time to developing a special program in order to teach children more about bullying and a school can rely on his performance in order to deliver the message that they are looking to achieve.

When a school is looking to select a magician to help with an anti-bullying campaign, it is important that a new Jersey magician is selected that has the experience necessary to provide the right type of performance. He/she will need to be one that is trustworthy and professional. Schools will be able to receive this when they choose Domino the Great for their anti-bullying school assembly programs.

Bullying is a huge problem in schools today. It is important that schools avoid turning a blind eye to the problem and begin putting prevention strategies in place. It is simple to say that bullying is a part of growing up when the dangers can last far longer than the school years. Children deserve to feel safe at school and to have the ability to learn effectively.

Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs by New Jersey Magician

One of the worst things about bullying is that it affects a child’s ability to learn the subjects that are being taught in school. Parents may begin seeing their children’s grades begin to drop when they are being bullied excessively at school. They may also seem as though they have a limited amount of friends or are no longer very sociable as well.

It takes a group effort between parents and administrators to help eliminate bullying from schools. However, by including special programs, like magicians who fight back against bullying, students are able to learn healthy ways to communicate their feelings and to avoid participating in bullying to others.

These programs may also help teach victims how to stand up for themselves and to finally put an end to the bullying once and for all. In most instances of bullying, the child who is being bullied will appear weaker to the bully and by knowing how to keep their head up, a child may be able to eliminate this weakness.

Domino the Great has performed in many venues, including THREE times at the White House for the Annual Easter Egg Roll. He has also performed at numerous anti-bullying events, birthday parties and even had the honor of performing for the children of the Boston Red Sox.

Domino has designed his entire program around what is suitable and attractive to children. With his tools, costumes, and props, he will be able to make your New Jersey elementary school students; anti-bullying school assembly programs a success and will be able to encourage children to be kind and thoughtful to one another.

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February 25, 2015