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Hunting for a Massachusetts Magician for your Summer Reading Library Programs

Hunting for a Massachusetts Magician for your Summer Reading Library Programs

Libraries are constantly hosting events for the children all over Massachusetts. While most of these revolve around special reading times and other reading related events (summer reading programs) there are many times when something a bit more exciting is helpful as well.


One of the best things that a public library can add to their event schedule is a Massachusetts magician that will help to entertain the children of the town. With a magician, the children will be able to be entertained during a special event and will then be encouraged to begin a life of reading.

Reading in itself is very magical, so having the right performer attend your summer reading programs or any event is very fitting. However, there are many things that you should consider when you are looking to add a magician to your library event.

Hire an Expert

The first and most important thing that you will need to do is to make sure that your magician is an expert when it comes to dealing with children. Children have a natural curiosity, but they also have an extremely short attention span. Your entertainer will need to offer a magic show that is fast moving, offers bright colors and will be able to keep the attention of the children the entire time.

Domino the Great has the exact experience that many Massachusetts public libraries have been looking for in the past and has shared it on many occasions. He only performs for children, so he completely understands the needs that a children’s magician has and how to coordinate his magic tricks around the ages of the children present.

Must be Trustworthy

When you hire a magician for your library event, you will need to choose a magician that can be trusted around the children that will be present. Your magician should be able to provide references and reviews that show past experience with children and be able to display that they can be trusted by staff and parents to be suitable for the children that will be in attendance.

This is also a trait that can be found in Domino the Great. He has performed at many birthday parties and has even been selected as a performer for the children of the Boston Red Sox as well as a three time performer at the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. He is also a full-time children’s magician and offers insurance as well so that the children will always be protected from harm.

Have Reviews

Your magician should also have a professional website that shows that they are dedicated to their craft. This is also an excellent place to read reviews that have been placed online by happy clients who have worked with your Massachusetts magicians in the past. However, you should still ask for referrals when selecting your magician and you should be able to find reviews on other websites as well.

Domino the Great has an excellent referral program and you will be able to find videos and more information on his website. His website has been designed with the same dedication and precision that he exercises in his shows and you will be able to see how dedicated he is to being a full-time magician. Libraries all throughout Massachusetts will be very pleased to add his talent to the schedule that they are arranging for the children to enjoy and especially in promoting reading at your library!

Be a Professional

One of the bad things about going with an agency who will schedule a Massachusetts magician for you is the fact that you will never know exactly who will be showing up for the magic show. Some agencies will hire only under experienced magicians who are not able to work well with the children. This can lead to a disaster when it comes time for the event to take place.

In order to avoid this issue, you should choose a professional like Domino The Great. When you choose Domino, you will have the benefit of choosing a professional who has a great deal of experience to help him perform at a high quality and professional level. You will know that your children are cared for and that the show that they are viewing is suitable for their age group.  If's this is for your summer reading programs, then you know Domino The Great will promote reading very heavily and have all the children very excited to check out books at the end of his programs afterwards as well!

Be Engaging

This is one of the most important traits that a children’s magician can have. They should be able to catch and keep the attention of the children while they are performing. A good children’s magician will be able to engage with the children and will have the right props and tools necessary to help them enjoy the magic show to the fullest capacity. This means that they will need to incorporate humor into the show so that the children will fully understand and enjoy the message that is being presented to them.

Domino the Great is a fantastic option for this very reason. He has performed solely for children for so long, that he is able to quickly engage with them on their level. During his shows, the children are able to interact with him and will be asked to participate in unique ways. As part of a library event, Domino the Great can create a fantastic magic show that all the children can enjoy, regardless of their age and incorporate reading if your looking to having him for your summer reading club!


When you are planning a library event that includes a Massachusetts magician, it is important that you select one that will show children how much fun the library can be. After you choose Domino the Great, they will be looking to return time and time again so that they can learn more about the magic that he has shown them.

A library event can be just as exciting as any other major event that is going on in Massachusetts simply by adding a magician to the schedule. This is a great way to encourage more kids to come out to your event and to bring notice to the library and the things that it has to offer the town around it.


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February 14, 2015