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Rhode Island Magician-2014 White House Easter Egg Roll-Final Pictures

Rhode Island Magician-2014 White House Easter Egg Roll-Final Pictures

Rhode Island Magician-2014 White House Easter Egg Roll-Final Pictures-Domino The Great

I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather remains beautiful and warm for everyone to enjoy the lovely outdoors with family and friends.  For me, it's going to be another busy weekend filled with magic shows combined with spending time with family and friends.  Below are the remainder of my photographs from my third trip to the # WhiteHouse for their annual  2014 #EasterEggRoll.   I enjoyed returning to perform for over 30,000 families which attended the festivities while taking part in various fun and exciting activities at the #WhiteHouse Easter Egg Roll.    With the assistance of the First Lady, Michelle Obama's, #LetsMove initiative, there were numerous activities as well as informational stands to encourage children to lead active and healthy lives. The activities included live music performances, magicians, storytelling,fruit and vegetable stands, cooking stations, activity centers, and, of course, lots of Easter egg rolling!

In taking a look through the various pictures below, you will recognize some familiar faces such as actor Jim Carrey.  He recently has published a children's book titled,  How Roland Rolls.  He read his book throughout the day and even sang some songs in which both he co-wrote with his daughter.   You should have heard him bring Roland to life for the children by using his acting talents.   I highly recommend his book.  It has a wonderful, uplifting, and inspirational message for kids!  You will also find some pictures from the First Lady's reading of "My Garden" to all the children.  Afterwards, she asked them what type of garden they would choose to grow.  You can only imagine some of the responses.  Lego garden, chocolate garden, and so many more.  She ended her reading by giving each and every child a heart felt hug.  Proceeding the reading, she also spent some time overseeing her various #LetsMove activities as well.

2014 WhiteHouse Easter Egg Roll Final Pictures by Rhode Island Magician-Domino The Great

Jim Carrey-How Roland Rolls-Rhode Island Magician

Jim Carrey-Easter Egg Roll 2014-Rhode Island Magician

Jim Carrey's Book titled, "How Roland Rolls" Jim Carrey Reading his book at the 2014 #EasterEggRoll
Jim Carrey-RI Magician-Rhode Island-Easter Egg Roll First Lady Michele Obama-Magician in Rhode Island-Domino The Great
Jim Carrey signing autographs for the kids
First Lady, Michele Obama, reading "My Garden"
First Lady Michelle Obama-RI Magician
First Lady giving each and every child a hug

For more information about Rhode Island Magician-Domino The Great, contact him today and review his press release regarding the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll here as well.   Domino would love to hear from his readers as well.  Please take a moment to leave a comment below and share his blog post with your friends.  Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

May 24, 2014