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Tips on Finding the Best Children’s Birthday Party Magician in Newton, Massachusetts

Tips on Finding the Best Children’s Birthday Party Magician in Newton, Massachusetts


If you are planning a children’s party in the Newton Massachusetts area and looking to add a birthday party magician to the schedule, there are some specific things that you should keep in mind during your interviewing process. Below you will find some ideas to consider while you are making your final decision.

  1. Make sure that the Newton magician that you talk to on the phone will be the one that is available on the day of your child’s birthday party. If your magician of choice is not available, you can save quite a bit of time in the interview process by moving on.
  2. You should always choose a children’s birthday party magician that is very experienced. Someone who does not have a lot of experience with kids may not be able to perform to the standard that you are expecting.
  3. Referrals, references and testimonies are all an important thing to check out when you are looking for your Newton Massachusetts magician. There should be plenty of them, both on their own website as well as other credible sites as well. If you have had friends use a magician in the past, make sure that you receive their opinion as well.
  4. You should also inquire as to what the attire will be for your magician when they arrive at your party. Sometimes, you may be able to influence the costume so that it fits with the theme of your child’s party. This is something that you should ask about up front.
  5. Another factor that you should consider when choosing your magician in the Newton Massachusetts area is whether the birthday party magician will speak well to your children. They should be easy for kids to understand and use a dialect that is easy to hear.
  6. Your magician should also be funny enough to make your children laugh. This can come in the way of their body language as well as their communication skills. Kids should enjoy being around the magician and should naturally enjoy the show because of their personality.
  7. Children’s magicians should also have a certain flow to their tricks that will keep kids entertained and attentive. You can ask about this in advance so that you will be able to judge whether your kids will fully enjoy the show or not
  8. Props may also be something that you should check out in advance. Some magicians bring animals with them, specifically a rabbit or birds, and this is something that you should talk about upfront, as this can be very messy.
  9. While your show is intended to be for the children, you may also want to choose a magician that is entertaining for adults as well. This will mean that you should select a birthday magician that has quite a bit of experience and that has performed in many unique locations.
  10. Develop a timeline up front as well. Knowing how long you can expect your magician to be around can be an important factor to consider. You should learn about the duration of the show that your magician will perform so that you can plan the remainder of your party appropriately.
  11. A website is also an important factor when you are choosing your Newton Massachusetts magician. You will want to select one that has a professional website and that has put some time and effort into building videos and articles for clients to view and read. This will mean that your magician will be dedicated to providing you the best show possible because they are dedicated to showing off their skills online as well.
  12. Finally, you should ask about the cost of the entire show in advance. You will want to know what the entire bill will cost before you get started and not be surprised by any hidden fees when the show is over.

When you are selecting a magician for your children’s party, it is important that they have the experience necessary to provide a quality show for the children present. They should also be trustworthy and professional as well. By choosing a magician with these qualities, you will know that you have chosen the best possible option for your party.


One magician in the Newton, Massachusetts area that has all these skills and more is Domino the Great. Domino has been an active performer at many different children’s events. He is a professional magician that specializes in children’s events of all sizes and venues.

Whether you are looking for the best birthday party magician for your child’s birthday party or for a magician to perform at your child’s daycare as a surprise gift, Domino has the skills necessary to keep your little ones happy for the duration of the show.

You will find that there are many reasons that Domino is a fantastic option when you are looking for a Newton magician. Since he is a professional, you will know that he will be the magician to show up at your door the day of your event because he is not part of an agency that uses a pool of underqualified magicians.

While it may be tempting to choose a magician from an agency at a discounted rate, you will not be able to receive the quality show that Domino provides each and every time that he performs.

Whether he is performing on a national scale, like he has for the kids of the Boston Red Sox players, or on a smaller scale birthday party, Domino is dedicated to providing the best possible experienced for all the kids present.


When you choose Domino for your event, you will be choosing a one of a kind magician that has the ability to capture the attention of his audience and encourage participation from all the kids.

One of the best things about Domino the Great is that you will easily find many referrals regarding the fantastic shows that he provides to the kids who are watching his shows. You will be amazed at his expertise and dedication when you select him for your child’s party and will know immediately that you made the right choice.

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As always if you have any other great ideas from past experiences you had when hiring past magicians/entertainers, please leave your comments below!

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February 11, 2015