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Elementary School Assemblies, Bully Prevention, and Anti-Bullying Programs:

Magic engages children like no other performance can. My illusions and storytelling sneak the learning into the show in a way that sticks with them well after the assembly is over.

Each and every one of my school assembly programs is packed with motivating ideas and educational content. While some presenters bill themselves as motivational, I offer not only the content, but the delivery of education in a way that will excite your students.

Have you booked school assemblies that have bored your students and staff? Did you look around the room and see them whispering to each other rather than watching the program? By making your students laugh, I will hold their attention to make sure the educational message gets through. In fact, I will have the students in complete control from start to finish. Prepare to be amazed at the very end of my assembly program when your students return to class so quietly you can hear a pin drop on the floor.

At times, the entire audience will assist me during the program. At other times, I'll may choose some student volunteers. This keeps everyone participating and interested.

Designed To Fit Your Budget: Schools have limited funds available for assemblies. I will happily work with you to provide a great program for your students that will fit within the confines of your budget. If you team up with another school in your district for the same day, both schools will qualify for my "block-booking" discount!

I like to make sure that every student has the opportunity to benefit from my assembly programs. With that in mind, I offer a complementary second-program (back-to-back) at no cost to your school. With this offer, younger grades can experience the assembly separately from older students.


Serving Elementary, Primary & Intermediate Schools in New York, Boston Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & New Jersey School Districts.