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Read To Succeed

Domino The Great’s Read to Succeed assembly shows your K-6 elementary students that reading can be fun.

With TV, the Internet and videogames, your students are more likely to choose almost any other activity over reading for fun. Yet NAEP assessments also show a clear link between reading for fun, and the academic success that is essential to any child’s future.

Throughout the Read to Succeed assembly, Domino uses magic, storytelling, humor and music to teach kids about the joy of reading every day, just for the fun of it. Domino makes real books come to life to get students excited about reading and checking out books. He even includes a message about taking good care of library books.

Read to Succeed is a perfect special event to schedule as part of:

  • School book fairs
  • Turn Off TV Week
  • Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration
  • National Library Week
  • Let’s Read
  • Parents as Reading Partners
  • Any time you want to promote reading fun.

This special reading centered assembly includes:

  • Age-specific content. The program can be presented to your entire school, to K-2 or 3-6, or to a single grade.
  • Personalized poster. Get a Read To Succeed poster just for your school, to help publicize the assembly. Bonus book add on. What could be better for a reading assembly than having a magician who is also a real author? Ask how your assembly can include a book signing for “Domino the Great Presents: My Favorite Magic Tricks.”

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"This Assembly Is A Wonderful Way To Promote A Love For Reading & A Love For Learning!"

"Domino the Great put on a developmentally appropriate Read to Succeed Assembly for my first grade students. He captivated their attention and sent a positive message to students about how magical and exciting books can be…" and the best part is the books are free." he said. After the assembly many students showed me (with excitement) the books that they had checked out of the library that matched the title/series that were referenced during the assembly. I also had a few students tell me that they were going to read about becoming an astronaut, magician, and a zoo keeper because that's what they want to be when they grow up! This assembly is a wonderful way to promote a love for reading and a love for learning."

- Jill Healy - Principal at Northbridge Elementary - Whitinsville, Massachusetts

"All The Students Were Totally Engaged During The Entire Assembly!"

"Domino presented two "Read to Succeed" programs to our K-4 students. I am happy to say that the students were totally engaged during the entire assembly. As I watched our students, I realized that every child was paying attention; no one was talking to his or her neighbor or looking bored. Domino was able to "read" the students and extend his performance when the children were engaged and was creative enough to realize when he needed to move on. He did this effortlessly all the while keeping the children laughing and happy.

When the assembly was over, the students silently (yes, silently!) left the auditorium. I have never seen children behaving so well due to a performer's show. Every week, I have children asking to check out Domino's magic book. This small detail tells me how much the students enjoyed the show."

- Randie Akunowicz - School Librarian at Lincoln Park Elementary School, Lincoln Park, New Jersey

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Reading can be Fun

Domino uses magic, storytelling, humor and music to teach kids about the joy of reading every day, just for the fun of it.

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